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SNAVEUK’s system works as follows:

  • Every Developer works exclusively for the Client, and the Employment Contract is between the Client and the Developer.
  • The Client is responsible for paying its team’s direct and indirect costs (e.g. Salaries, Electricity, Rent).
  • Every Developer has a phone number, allowing Leadership to access those developers easily.
  • SNAVEUK works on behalf of the Client’s Leadership by developing, performing and maintaining the following: 
    • Daily meetings with the team to understand the current project, challenges and completion status
    • Daily reports that describe everyday tasks by the individual
    • Weekly alignment meetings with the Client’s Leadership
    • Constant training of the workforce in relevant areas for the company
    • Providing a technical expert who is always available to discuss current challenges with the development team.
    • Onboarding process
    • Continued screening for talents
    • Support with career planning for the developers
    • Support with job requirements for new positions
    • Support with the hiring process: including managing interviews and contacting recruiters
  • SNAVEUK supports the Client’s development team by: 
    • Monthly one-to-one sessions with the crew to understand their perspective regarding the project and how they feel inside the system
    • A straightforward 4-year plan that will align developers’ short-term objectives with long-term goals
  • On top of that, SNAVEUK works behind the scenes in the following: 
    • Ongoing grants evaluation for the Client
    • Relationship development with Universities
    • Close relationship with the Council and screening for possible support
    • Negotiating office space and lease agreements
    • Hardware, furniture, and connectivity procurement
    • Initial and ongoing grant identification applications
    • Additional funding sources
    • Acting as the primary point of contact with key personnel at Kirklees, Digital Enterprise, and LEP
    • Specialized Human Resources activities focused on developers.
    • HR support – Contracts and disciplinary procedures
    • General administration for site and workforce


Every company today is a tech company, and most face significant challenges in hiring, managing and training their development team. SNAVEUK offers companies a cost-effective structure in Huddersfield capable of attracting and training talents while keeping them under the same roof.


SNAVEUK works with Universities to allow Clients access workforce that can work on new projects without compromising its current development power. Clients can prepare themselves for the next opportunity window, allowing new opportunities without raising costs.

Development Process

One of the core aspects of SNAVEUK’s Tech Hub is the presence of a clear goal of creating a process rather than a product. It means every development is documented and structured to prevent breaks in the process.

SNAVEUK understands the importance of maintenance, security and documentation to the development and keeps a clear target for long-term growth.

Another critical aspect of development is keeping all developers under the same roof. We all understand the strengths of remote working, but high-level systems are only possible with proper face-to-face communication. SNAVEUK allows companies to have their team in a cost-effective environment, physically disconnected from the executive team, but keeping development together.


SNAVEUK is highly specialised in a particular layer of the company: developers. The structure embraces Interns, Developers, Senior Developers and Lead Developers. The team is a software factory focused on finding, hiring and training talents. The output is a worker technically capable of becoming a Specialist or engaging in managerial activities if the Client finds it attractive.


At the heart of the UK’s Northern Powerhouse, Huddersfield is a town in the Kirklees district in West Yorkshire, England:

  • Central to Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield City Regions
  • Easy access to the M1, M62 and all the north’s major cities, airports and ports
  • Just 2½ hours away from London Kings Cross.
  • Direct trains to Manchester Airport give access to over 210 destinations worldwide.
  • Comprehensive local and regional rail service
  • A significant beneficiary from Network Rail’s multi billion-pound Transpennine Route Upgrade that will support faster, more frequent trains
  • Highly competitive commercial property and operating costs

The Glass Box – 6 Friendly Street, HD1 1RD

  • Office in the heart of Huddersfield Town centre
  • Only three minutes from the Railway Station
  • Hi-speed fibre/wifi connectivity; free public wifi and dedicated leased line on the City Fibre network
  • Public parking facilities are within 5 minute’s walk.
  • On-site management team, plus reception meet and greet during office hours.
  • Dedicated fibre leased line with various packages available to tenants.
  • Individual secure mailboxes
  • CCTV and controlled access system
  • Secure 24/7 access