About Snave UK

As experienced sales professionals, our tenacious and proactive approach resulted in numerous important contract wins. Our excellent networking skills lead to us to creating SNAVE UK Ltd, in order to provide businesses with marketing and IT solutions, to enhance their profitability in line with the ever-growing technology world.

There was no ‘Eureka’ moment when we decided our future lay in Artificial Intelligence; our decision was far more gradual and considered, knowing this is what spiked our interest and the fact that this was the way the world was going.

Being creative problem solvers, we are able to create great branding mobile applications, and marketing strategies, from understanding your companies’ requirements to improve campaign performance.

‘Helping tech start-ups achieve more’ – taking your innovation to the next level to produce a commercially viable product through further development, POC trials and business plans with assistance in obtaining investment.


Adam is the Manging Director of SNAVEUK working with start-ups across the UK, Europe, and the US. In most cases these companies have received initial funding rounds and looking to grow globally. Adam has not only had success in gaining traction for start-ups, across a variety of verticals outside of their country of origin but also to help build out the global infrastructure and negotiate strategic partnerships to take them to the next level. He also has excellent knowledge of the investment landscape and understanding of how to align company goals accordingly.

Prior to SNAVEUK Adam has held a number of key leadership roles at companies with an international footprint covering ecommerce, retail, ad-tech, sports-tech and logistics.


Originally from Bristol, UK. John is since 2003 based in the US where he is Managing Director and Digital Media, Software (mostly SaaS), and Digital Transformation Services M&A advisor with NYC headquartered investment bank Oaklins DeSilva and Philips (ODP) since 2010. This has included working on several successful international cross border M&A digital marketing and enterprise software deals. John also leads his own digital consulting firm Comscient Group helping digital companies and digital start-ups better identify, understand, plan for, and activate new market and new growth opportunities.

Before this current roles John has had a long career spanning over 25 years in the US and UK all associated with the technology and digital industries as a business owner entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, software management consultant, and as an AI and UX designer and developer. He has consulted to Xerox PARC on UX and AI, and for ten years consulted to McKinsey on FinTech, CRM, and MarTech. John has been a growth and technology strategy consultant and an advisor to many large companies, media and digital marketing companies, consulting firms, digital start-ups, and software and IT services companies in both Europe and the US.


Persis Duaik SNAVEUK CTO and Ex Managing Director of Mundo Livre Digital in the UK. Pérsis received the Technation’s Exceptional Talent Recognition for his work in the game industry. In the past couple of years, he moved to the UK with his family, started Mundo Livre Digital subsidiary, had his game selected for Devcon’s indie extravaganza, and launched a high-quality digital game on Steam. Pérsis received several prizes, including The First Brazilian Developer on Xbox One, crowning his career as a lead voice in his homeland. Persis is also highly knowledgeable about cloud computing, specifically AWS.

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