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Best Tech Start-Up Advice from Snave UK

Being part of the startup world is all about learning from mistakes, both yours and others’. You have the ability to see what differentiates the companies that achieved success from those that ultimately fell flat, and with any luck, you can spot those lessons before making them yourself. 

In order to reach your ultimate goals for your business, you’ll need to surround yourself with people who understand your vision and fit into the culture and mindset of your startup.

You will always be faced with decision making, without fully understanding what is coming. You must become comfortable with the unknown. 

Find the mentors you need

As your startup picks up traction and your business starts to develop, you should have a board of advisors to offer guidance and advice to help you navigate to your goal. Don’t be afraid to ask people to mentor you; any advice you can get from someone who has been there before, is invaluable. 


From the outset of your business, your intellectual property is the most valuable asset you have. Protecting all the IP you create is crucial to the long term success and viability of your venture.

‘Tell, don’t show’ is a dynamic axiom, but a good one! 

Plan for success and work towards your end goal

Have your ultimate goal in mind from the start and work towards that. Having that goal will help you plan and make decisions towards achieving it.

Don’t be afraid of competition

Being the only company in a particular market can be daunting, especially as you try to generate attention to your idea. Don’t let competition entering the space put you off; competition is proof you’re onto something, and can force you to focus and improve.

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