Tap & Discover

Proximity discovery to help improve retail location efficiency and collect valuable data on footfall and shopper spending habits.

The Retail Problem

It’s no secret that the UK High Street is struggling; a record breaking 10% of all High Street shop units being vacant.

In the past few years, things have become a lot harder for traditional retailers to keep up, as shopping habits change to a more technology driven shopping experience, such as online. Year on year, online spending increases, forcing High Street retailers to rethink how they sell physical goods and services.

A recent report from AT Kearney, of 20,000 people, surveyed
shoppers stated the following:

  • 85% of customers want a unified experience across both
    online and offline, yet only 30% actually achieve this.
  • 90% preferred a physical store
  • Statista* By 2023, 60% of the world’s population will be
    online shoppers.

True scale is no longer achieved in a single channel

– Carol Spieckerman, a retail analyst at Speickerman Retail

The Solution

The solution is simple; adaption.

For retailers to be able to compete against their own online sales and competition, they must quickly adapt to the changing marketplace, and that’s where Tap & Discover comes in.

Tap & Discover allows for retailers to improve location efficiency and collect valuable data about their footfall, including their in-store spending habits.

In a perfect world, a shopper would be able to enter a store, find the item they’re looking for, tap it, and choose from a variety of options. This may be a detailed description of the product, as well as the ability to purchase online there and then. This would be tagged to that location and allow the retailer to attribute the online sale to a particular store.

Track Buying Habits

Retailers can view key data, such as footfall, conversion rates and the success of sales and discounts.

Product Discovery

Customers can find quick answers to their questions without needing to find a staff member.

Customer Experience

Customers can order products to be delivered to their home, and that unique sale can be tagged to the retail location.

Proximity Discovery & Marketing

Tap & Discover turns your store into a digitally interactive showcase. Place our small electronic NFC Tap & Discover Tags or Bluetooth Beacon devices anywhere you wish, and invite your real-world customers to interact via the Nearevo app.

The Tap & Discover Tags are simple, small, and can fully incorporate your branding. Stick them on any product to allow your customers to quickly find the product on your unique web page.


Monitor and track customers purchasing habits and patterns.


Take key data about customers and adapt to convert customers into buyers.


Convert lost footfall into long-term and reliable customers.

Tap & Discover Concept Store

Imagine a store concept where all products are only on display. No stock holding frees up vital retail space. Less staffing requirements and no need to hold cash on the premises.

Each item on display would provide all the product information needed with the ability to order there and then for delivery direct to home; no need to carry shopping bags around.

The unified experience that shoppers want!